Protrack Group

Case Study

The Challenge

As Protrack Group expanded their client base and telematics fleet, they were besieged by a host of challenges. Their platform struggled to efficiently display and report on an ever-growing volume of data. Eager to enhance their product range, they emphasised the integration of firmware updates over the air. They also sought deeper insights into their infrastructure's health and the associated financial ramifications. Furthermore, the enhancement of their mobile applications was a priority, which necessitated a capable partner.

Track Global

The Solution

Tuned into the specificities of their challenges, our consultancy crafted a comprehensive strategy:

Financial Analysis: With a keen eye for detail, our cloud specialists delved into Protrack's AWS billing structure. Beyond pinpointing areas for optimization, which paved the way for a monthly saving of over 35%, they uncovered services that Protrack was erroneously billed for. This keen observation resulted in a substantial one-time reimbursement.

Data Optimization: We immersed ourselves in their data visualisation and reporting infrastructure. By fine-tuning queries and overhauling database storage and indexing methodologies, we transformed queries that once lingered for minutes into ones that executed in just seconds.

Mobile Application Enhancement: Tackling Protrack's backlog, we swiftly addressed critical issues and integrated new features and rebuilt their deployment pipeline.

Results & Benefits

Direct Financial Relief: The one-time reimbursement, coupled with the monthly savings, not only reinforced Protrack's financial resilience but also underscored our commitment to delivering unparalleled value.

Strategic Reinvestment: These savings empowered Protrack to redirect funds towards pivotal areas, catalysing innovation and setting the stage for future growth.

Operational Excellence: The augmented efficiency of their platform dramatically improved performance. The accelerated query times not only enhanced user interactions but also enabled Protrack to deliver persuasive demos, making them an attractive choice for potential clients.

Customer Loyalty & Growth:
This operational renaissance was met with acclaim from their existing clientele and also intrigued prospective customers, striking a balance between client retention and acquisition.