Sole Juice

Case study
Sole Juice

The problem

In 2016, a group of print industry experts came together to form Sole Juice with the purpose of applying their specialised 3D Dye Sublimation printing knowledge and experience to the general Print-On-Demand sector. They were particularly interested in developing systems and processes that made the whole printing process, from order receipt through to dispatch, as simple and as efficient as possible, with increased automation.

It was clear that there was no product on the market that could fully offer them the control and configurability they needed to produce high quality prints without extensive manual involvement.

The solution

We were approached by Sole Juice to work in partnership to develop a solution that would allow their team to achieve their aims, while providing us with a product we could sell on the open market. At the time, we had already developed our own highly scalable and performant framework called Apodle. We enhanced Apodle with all the necessary requirements of the Print-On-Demand industry to produce a solution that we have called comprises multiple products, including an app that is focussed on helping resellers create products in their ecommerce store and a workflow that allows printers to process orders with minimal interaction.

The results

Sole Juice has seen a huge growth in customers, which has in turn led to an impressive rise in orders and increased turnover and profit. Costs have been kept to a minimum due to the ‘hands-off’ approach to production.


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