Sole Responsibility

Case study
Sole Responsibility

The problem

Sole Responsibility is a reseller of ex-display, subprime and returned stock primarily on eBay. Their team would have an item, then note all of the different features of the item, such as colour, size and brand, as well as its things like condition, pricing, and weight. The issue with this is that it all had to be done manually and was down to the user's discretion. The work was time-consuming and an inefficient process.

When they contacted us about a possible new approach to the task, we knew instantly we could help and develop a robust yet simple solution.

The solution

We created a new system that took their existing process and streamlined it. The new system sped up the time it takes from picking up the product to uploading it to eBay, we did this by creating a program that allowed a user to create a product, fill in its details using a predefined list of values for each product category, give it a barcode, view its images, reorder them if needed and then upload this new product to eBay.

We have enabled the Sole Responsibility team to easily manage their stock, as the products are assigned a unique barcode which is then printed out and can be stuck to the product. Scanning the barcode with a label printer will also bring up a page to edit the saved details for that product, or upload it.



The results

What once took a team member an hour to complete only one or two products, now allows someone to complete over 6 products every hour. It has also allowed them to hire more employees increasing total throughput significantly.



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