UK Printing

Case Study
UK Printing Company ( is an established printing company based in Chesterfield, UK. In order to grow their business, they partnered with Track Metrics in 2019 and launched UK Print, a print-on-demand service that can be accessed at
The Challenge
  • UK Printing Company sought a system that would:
  • Enable Resellers to easily upload their designs onto a diverse range of products.
  • Streamline the production of customer orders with minimal manual intervention.
  • Economically handle the global dispatch of orders.
  • Meet specific needs of UK Printing Company.
  • Cope with high volumes of orders.
  • Produce orders in batches rather than individually.
The Solution
Track Metrics-designed and engineered MyProductStreet software held the answer. The following elements make up the end-to-end solution offered by MyProductStreet:
  • An app used by resellers to manage products and orders.
  • A consumer configurator which allows the consumer to personalise their goods
  • A production workflow that fulfils and despatches goods globally
  • A production workflow which had the capacity to process a high volume of orders
  • A production workflow which would group orders into batches
  • Integrations with Shopify, Etsy and WooCommerce
Track Metrics closely collaborated with UK Printing Company to comprehend their technologies and business approach. Track Metrics had to determine and comprehend which systems their product would have to interface with. Subsequently, they initiated the process of setting and modifying the MyProductStreet technologies to guarantee a smooth integration with the current business operations of UK Printing Company.
The Results
This fully automated process, which includes order receipt, global fulfilment, and shipping, has significantly reduced expenses and eliminated the need for human involvement. Our scalable technology can process large amounts of orders in batches, which lowers the risks associated with human involvement.
Due to these advancements, UK Printing Company has seen a notable growth in order volumes, and more resellers are utilising the large range of products that are available for their designs. The technology can process large amounts of orders in batches, which lowers the risks associated with human involvement.
They currently run a respectable Print on Demand business, consistently demonstrating annual growth in both orders and reseller participation.